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 COUNTRY: where I want to be...  Surrounded by nature, beautiful views, and the novelty of the occasional train in the distance, one feels freedom and peace.

DOME: clean, secure, and unique.... experience a stay like none you've had before.  Our unique design will delight your senses,

and the security of your dome cannot be beat.

SUITES: private, comfortable, affordable... at affordable rates,our guests

have the entire dome to themselves

while enjoying the comforts of a “home away from home.”



 We have put a lot of thought into creating lodging that is unique, secure, comfortable, private, and aesthetically pleasing . Our rooms are perfectly sized (roughly 315 square feet) and comfortable, offering a sleeping area, kitchenette, dining/living area, and 3/4 bathroom, designed to accommodate 1-2 guests. While the size of our lodging area is similar to other hotels, Country Dome Suites offers the much desired privacy we all seek, by having individual units; not sharing walls, ceilings, and floors with other guests. 



Short or Long Stay


Whether you are looking for somewhere to stay overnight, a couple of weeks, or months at a time, we have booking options available to meet your needs.

Security and Peace of Mind


Q:Why a dome?

A: Because they are awesome!

Our unique domes meet FEMA standards. Click here to learn more about monolithic domes and the construction process.

Beds You'll Want To Come Back To


When you are "home away from home" we know how important a great nights sleep is.  Enjoy your snooze time on a queen sized mattress worth bragging about.  You will also enjoy our washable pillows that can be adjusted to your desired firmness or softness.

 Rest assured, your rest is assured.



We value and require cleanliness.  Housekeeping schedules are generated dependent on your length of stay. 

Country Dome Suites is a drug free/non-smoking facility.

As much as we love pets, we apologize that our facility is not set up to allow your pets to stay.

Let's Keep Things Convenient

Experience ease and versatility knowing you  have a full service kitchenette at your disposal along with a 3/4 bathroom.  Many of the basics will be readily available for your use.

 Dining Options 

Located near the tasty local eatery; The Kenney Store, we are also minutes away from many dining options in Brenham, Chappell Hill, or Bellville.





What's Happening in Kenney?


Not a lot, and that's why you are here.  You are truly in the country, yet in a perfect location that is centrally located to all of the surrounding towns that have

plenty to do. There are a couple 

little nuggets of gold available

nearby though, and one is

Hodges Farm Country Antiques.

Get your antique shopping fix while you stay with us, and discover the many other treasures Dawn has to offer.


You'll find the other at The Kenney Store.  Here you'll find great food to eat and dancing with live music.  Come kick up some dust with the locals and neighbors who come from all over for a good time.

What's Happening in Bellville?


"Forge a memory" by visiting the local blacksmith shop where you can forge your own knife with help from Cowboy who was a contestant on the TV show Forged in Fire.

For our friends who love antiques and rare treasures, be sure to spend hours in Nothing Ordinary Antiques and Oddities

Click here for more to do in Bellville.

What's Happening in Brenham?


What's not happening in Brenham? You can enjoy the personality of this wonderful small town as you explore downtown, create a cute sign for your home at Board and Brush,  eat plenty of Blue Bell Ice cream, experience "hot nights, cool tunes" and the various unique shops and  great restaurants. There is always something for you to do in Brenham.

Antique Fairs

I have no doubt you've heard of Junk Gyspy in Round Top, Texas population 90.  Country Dome Suites is just 32 miles from Round Top.  We created a link to show you the distances from here to there.

People come from all over to attend the Antique Fairs in the surrounding communities. Learn more about the fairs and other on-going events.

What's Happening in Chappell Hill? 


Ahhh...the smell of lavender is so calming and  the flowers themselves are beautiful in your flowerbeds, or dried as decor in you home.  Visit Chappell Hill Lavender Farms and gift shop during your stay.

Learn about the various festivals, parades, shops, and activities available in Chappell Hill.

Local Churches and Worship Services


Faith is important to us, and we assume it is for you too.


Let us help you find some options of where you can worship while you stay at Country Dome Suites.


Opening soon, 

you'll then be able to leave us a review.



Wayne and Cindy along with James and Jen are delighted to introduce you to Country Dome Suites.  We love our domes!  Cindy and Jen are sisters and we've had many occasions to all get together to dream about monolithic domes and the possibility of creating a lodging facility where others can bask in the unique setting we envision for Country Dome Suites.  We have been creating our business plan for many years and finally were in a position to purchase the perfect location during fall of 2016.  Now in 2020 we will begin construction of the domes and can't wait to share them with you.

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211 Lynn Rd., Bellville (Kenney), Texas          /     Tel: 979-337-2565       

Kenney is truly in the country, and so we have a Bellville postal address.

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