Transition and Extended Stay Tips and Guidelines


We do not offer mail services.  We have one mailbox on site for business purposes.  If you desire to receive mail during your extended stay we recommend getting a post office box at the Kenney, Brenham, or Bellville post office.  

If you need a physical address for receiving packages while you stay with us, you can rent a post office box from  Kwik Kopy in Brenham.  They will accept your packages for you.

Keep things clean

Please keep things clean.  We have a dumpster on site.  If putting cardboard boxes or milk cartons inside, please break them down as much as possible.

This dumpster is for Country Dome Suites guests only.  If you see anyone other than guests using the dumpster please write down their license plate number and report to management.

No trash, boxes, etc. are allowed to be stored outside of the dome at any time.

We own bees

You are welcome to walk around Country Dome Suites property, but please be aware, we keep bees.  Further down on the property we have our honey bee apiary.  We don't recommend going near the apiary, if you do so, you do it at your own risk.  We will not be held liable for any injuries you may sustain from our bees or any other critters, plants, or accidents while on Country Dome Suites property.


Please be responsible. If using the grill, be safe and clean up after yourself.

No fireworks are allowed on Country Dome Suites property.

We do not allow smoking on the premises.  


If you are responsible for causing any fires that cause damage to persons or property you will be held liable.

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211 Lynn Rd., Bellville (Kenney), Texas          /     Tel: 979-337-2565       

Kenney is truly in the country, and so we have a Bellville postal address.

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