Hmm...How Long Do I Want To Stay?

A night or two...

"I need a getaway."

  We are so glad you have chosen to come stay with us. As a Boutique Hotel we hope you will feel at "home away from home". 


  Be sure to check out all of the things to SEE & DO while you are here enjoying your time, whether you are here for a short getaway, visiting friends or family, or passing through.  

Okay... A few more nights.

"I'm really liking this."

  You made a wise decision.  Why not stay a few nights more? 


  You now have more time to spend at the antique shops, down-town plazas, and unique venues in our surrounding areas.  

I admit it, I love it here and want a transitional or extended stay!

"This is exactly what I'm looking for."

Call for pricing and availability...

You are quite the intelligent individual.  We knew you would love it.  You might be in transition and need somewhere to stay without the commitment of a lease, or you are here temporarily for your job, but most you of are saying

"I just love it!"


  Comfortable, clean, cozy, and convenient, why not come for a transitional or extended stay? 

  Since you are booking for even longer, we will pass on a monthly discount. See! We told you that you were intelligent.

White Bedroom

Until we

are open...

What are some other lodging options in the area?

We wish our accommodations were complete and ready for you to enjoy your stay at Country Dome Suites.  In the meantime there are some great Bed and Breakfasts in the area that might be able to meet your needs.  Click the links below to access lodging links in

Bellville and Brenham. 

Flower Beds
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Kenney is truly in the country, and so we have a Bellville postal address.
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